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Tinos Full day from Mykonos

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40 minutes boat ride from Mykonos and we arrive to Tinos where the Bus is waiting for us. We visit 'Evangellistria' or “Panagia “which is the most important Orthodox church of Greece devoted to Mary the Virgin. We then visit the women's monastery Kechrovouni, a village which is 500 meters height among the mountains. We'll pass by the ancient fortress of Exobourgo on our way to the interior of the island and our next stop, the traditional village of Volax. Here we have a chance to see some of the village's extraordinary surroundings and lovely folk architecture. A long, scenic drive will bring us to the village of Pyrgos which is well known for its marble sculptors, and there will be several workshops open for a look at some of their work. We will visit the fishing Village of Panormos and on the way back we will stop at the Valley of the Dovecotes, where you can take some excellent photos of these local treasures.

Afterwards we drive back to Tinos town where we have free time for shopping, before meeting at the port and returning to Mykonos.

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Tinos Full day from Mykonos
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