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Tinos Guided Coach Tour

Info :

A spectacular day in the interior of this very traditional island!

This tour gives you the opportunity to explore the beautiful interior of this artistic island. The beautiful and picturesque drive will be along winding mountain roads and will include several excellent stops. The first one will be at the old Monastery of Kechrovounie where we visit the two main churches, the tiny chapel, and the cell of the nun Pelagia, whose visions led to the discovery of the miraculous Icon of the Virgin Mary. We'll pass by the ancient fortress of Exobourgo on our way to the interior of the island and our next stop, the village of Volax. Here we have a chance to see some of the village's extraordinary surroundings and lovely folk architecture, as well as paying a visit to the famous basket weavers of the village.

A long, scenic drive will bring us to the village of Pyrgos. The village is well known for its marble sculptors, and there will be several workshops open for a look at some of their work. Wandering through the town, you'll have a chance to see some of the lovely architecture of the village, as well as the town square with its massive plane tree. The tour will continue down to the old port of Panormos, where you will have time for swimming and lunch at one of the pretty seaside tavernas. As the tour is returning back to town, there will be a stop at the Valley of the Dovecotes, where you can take some excellent photos of these local treasures.

Notes :

Suitable attire required for the Monastery visit; long trousers for men; skirts or slacks for women. Lunch is not included in the tour.








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Tinos Guided Coach Tour
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